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Here's a glimpse of our upcoming projects. Each one reflects our ongoing efforts to innovate and adapt in a rapidly changing tech landscape. Take a look at what we're currently working on.

Upcoming Projects



Consensus Protocol for Humans and Systems

Manifesto is a versatile consensus protocol crafted for both humans and systems. Its unique design promotes agreement and collaboration, enabling different entities - whether individuals or digital systems - to reach common decisions effectively. Manifesto stands at the intersection of people and technology, fostering harmony and unity for enhanced efficiency and synergy.


Smart Home & IoT

Personalizing Home Automation

Based on the rising trajectory of the smart home industry, iSTORE emerges as an eCommerce marketplace to cater to this expanding market. A curated collection of pioneering products from select smart home brands will converge on iSTORE to enhance lives at home.


Event Planning & Catering

Streamlining Event Planning

Caterly is set to redefine the event planning landscape. This service platform assembles catering services, event planners, decorators, and bartenders into an accessible and affordable marketplace, touching multiple aspects of event planning to ensure a delightful and hassle-free experience.


Property management

Transforming Property Management

Landlord is our AI-powered response to the need for a more streamlined, efficient, and enjoyable property management experience. Designed to automate and simplify everyday tasks, Landlord pushes past the regular friction points typically associated with property management.



Powering Security Decisions

RedFlag, our collective intelligence network enhanced with a cybersecurity toolkit, promises robust security decisions. Its first real-world application will be within Landlord, serving as an efficient tenant screening tool that delivers comprehensive reports on potential tenants.

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